We have the potential to be incredibly resilient beings, with extraordinary healing abilities, and, with a little bit of support and kindness towards ourselves, we can get through this with healthy bodies and happy minds. So, it is time to do things differently and make some simple changes to bring fresh support, as well as deploy some weapons to help restore balance and allow a thread of wellbeing to run freely through our days and nights.

Mindfulness practice shows a way beyond the daily mental clutter to the powerful liberation of a quiet mind. It enables you to focus your attention with clarity and openness on your internal and external experience of life, moment by moment, and offers you a way to actively participate in your own health and wellbeing. A simple choice to be calmly present and fully aware in an accepting and non –judgmental way.


For Stress

By changing your perspective and being more present in the moment, you learn to break the common cycle of mental and physical stress, anxiety, exhaustion and lack of contentment. Develop the tools to explore a happier way of being, and choose a calmer, more efficient you that is better able to enjoy a sense of wellbeing in all areas of your world.

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For Health

Mindfulness practice can make an enormous difference in how we experience and relate to pain and suffering, this applies to long term chronic pain and as well temporary pain caused through illness and injury. It is possible to learn to work with your pain and move gently away from the natural resistance to distress and suffering.


For Life

It helps you to develop your awareness of the link between your body and mind and how to achieve a healthier, calm balance moment by moment. Making a choice to be just a breath away from quietly brilliant in all areas of your life including the fun and pleasurable as well as the difficulties.

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