About Me

About me

Meditation and Mindfulness have been a part of my life since my childhood in Ireland, where the sea, rocks and sky were my playground.

My first meditation was to hang upside down on a gate, where I could float out to sea in my mind, then up into the sky and sun from where I could view the world.

This game laid the foundation of my work for the next 40 years.

These practices have been a constant friend, supporting me through the joys and challenges of life. A vivid near death experience, and later, a severe back injury that ended my career as a classical ballet dancer deepened my awareness and experience.

My meditation practice developed into a great life tool and helped me deal with my pain on many levels. My own life experience propelled me into teaching what I had learned to anyone who was open to it, and a new career was born.

My work has taken me from a quiet home practice to Hollywood film and television studios, around the world on major music tours, to working in hospitals and back to my beautiful garden in East Sussex.

Having worked with meditation for many years I have been delighted at the research and development of mindfulness as an accepted clinical treatment thanks to modern science.

I completed my mindfulness training at The Oxford Mindfulness Centre and continue my explorations attending Master Classes and courses. In August 2016 I had the privilege of attending the summer school with three great pioneers of mindfulness – Mark Williams , John Teasdale and Zindal Segal – this was a very special and inspirational time for me – where science meets spirit.

I studied to teach Mindfulness for pain management and Mindfulness for stress with the International Breathworks Organisation.

I will continue to expand my own understanding forever and invite you to share my discoveries and explore your own Mindfulness journey to a happier, healthier life…

"My life has taken a big turn for the better since learning mindfulness with Vanessa last year." - Susan


For Life

It helps you to develop your awareness of the link between your body and mind and how to achieve a healthier, calm balance moment by moment. Making a choice to be just a breath away from quietly brilliant in all areas of your life including the fun and pleasurable as well as the difficulties.

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For Stress

By changing your perspective and being more present in the moment, you learn to break the common cycle of mental and physical stress, anxiety, exhaustion and lack of contentment. Develop the tools to explore a happier way of being, and choose a calmer, more efficient you that is better able to enjoy a sense of wellbeing in all areas of your world.


For Pain

Mindfulness practice can make an enormous difference in how we experience and relate to pain and suffering, this applies to long term chronic pain and as well temporary pain caused through illness and injury. It is possible to learn to work with your pain and move gently away from the natural resistance to distress and suffering.

“Thank you so much for our Mindfulness session, I found it restorative and enjoyable. I had already completed an 8 week mindfulness course and was interested to revisit the body scan with another practitioner and found your way more relaxing an encouraging”
Mrs W .Sussex