I have always had a busy stressful job and been able to cope but following a divorce my stress levels reach danger point. I felt irritable and angry most of the time and the days were never long enough in spite of working longer an longer hours. A compulsory medical  revealed my blood pressure was high and I had to start taking medication. Whilst the pills reduced the blood pressure they did nothing for my stress or quality of life. I had read about mindfulness, but thought meditation was only for people on a spiritual quest and I didn’t think it would be relevant to me and my stress levels.

A well meaning friend took me to an introductory workshop with Vanessa and I was pleasantly surprised. I was fascinated to learn some facts about the way the brain works and the potential power we have over our lives as a result, in a positive or negative way.I loved my first experience of guided meditation and felt so much better immediately. I have since completed an 8 week course and it has turned my life around. I am sleeping better, working shorter hours and don’t seem to feel so overwhelmed even during the most stressful days.

City stress no longer a threat. Jonathan from London

My life has taken a big turn for the better since learning mindfulness with Vanessa last year.

I had a nervous breakdown due to the pressures of work and family and although I was feeling better, I was too afraid too go back to work and felt life would never be the same again.

I loved my 8 week course, I felt very safe and slowly began to experience things differently.It was great to have other people to share the course with and to listen to Vanessa deal with each individual experience with such understanding and acceptance. I finished the 8 weeks feeling more confident and in control of my life.I have learnt to listen to myself and respond to my feelings in a very positive way instead of being overwhelmed by them. I am planning to go back to work soon and I am enjoying being a Mum once again. Generally, life just got easier!

Susan. Life just got easier!

I have suffered from severe back trouble for many years  following an accident. I was very depressed and despondent as I couldn’t cope with my pain any longer.I went to see Vanessa as a last resort and although she didn’t promise anything at the beginning her gentle calmness made me want to listen and try something different.

I didn’t find the meditation exercises easy at first but having Vanessa’s voice on a CD really helped tremendously. A month later, I now look forward to my meditation and I feel that I am getting to know my body and my pain in a different way and I no longer wind myself up and panic.The result is, I am feeling more relaxed generally and my pain levels have reduced considerably to the point of being able to cut down my use of pain medication. Thank you Vanessa for making life better and giving me some control back over my health.

Maria from London

I was introduced to Vanessa whilst having cancer treatment.The treatment was challenging enough but the fear and worry on top of it were making my days intolerable and I was miserable.

My sessions with Vanessa were calming and reassuring and helped me to embrace my body in spite of my illness and find some peacefulness in my days again.

I use my meditations during my cancer treatments and this has transformed my experience.

I am sleeping better,dealing with my pain in a different way and have some truly happy moments in each day.

Thank you from Chris

“Vanessa was calming, patient and inspiring. The greatest buzz was the realisation, that having spent years being controlled by my thoughts and feelings, which effected every part of my life ,I now had the tools and ability to control my thoughts and feelings. I am no longer a victim, no longer ruled by my emotions.

My love and thanks to Vanessa for teaching me to love life.”

“My mindfulness experience was a very positive one. It was a lovely warm group to spend time with both mentally and physically, with a really safe and relaxed ambience.

I have found the meditation practice very helpful and was amazed at how quickly the time passed. All in all, a very positive experience.”

G .Bodenham .East Sussex

“Since exploring mindfulness with Vanessa I seem to wake up in the morning feeling much lighter and ready to embrace the day, whatever it holds”

Mrs G. Kent

“Thank you so much for our Mindfulness session, I found it restorative and enjoyable. I had already completed an 8 week  mindfulness course and was interested to revisit the body scan with another practitioner and  found your way more relaxing an encouraging”

Mrs W .Sussex

“I loved Vanessa’s Mindfulness Course. She led it beautifully, emanating calm, and equipping us with practices and tools to help incorporate some peace into everyday life.”

Alison Gaston