Many years ago, when I was a little girl and feeling a little overwhelmed by something, (I don’t remember what), my darling Daddy told me a story that gave me courage and helped me to be brave. The story has stayed with me all my life and not only makes me giggle a bit, but also makes me think differently sometimes.

The story is about 3 little frogs who accidently fell into a large bucket, filled with fresh milk. Two of the frogs screamed for help and panicked. “We will never be able to climb out of here, we will surely drown!”

The two of them splashed about helplessly and couldn’t hear what the third little frog was saying. “Its only milk, let’s just swim around for a while and see if someone comes and saves us”.

He started swimming around the bucket, just noticing how nice the milk felt on his skin and what a beautiful blue sky was spread above him. He then noticed his poor friends, who had flapped and panicked and given up hope, had sadly drowned. He felt very sad and lonely and started to lose hope. His little body was beginning to ache as the time passed, but he kept on swimming around and around. Night fell and the blue sky turned dark; he was cold and afraid and it was getting harder and harder to swim. He decided whatever happened, he would find the strength to swim until the sun came up and bring the blue sky back. On and on he swam, around and around all night, until the sun rose in the blue sky. He decided to lay still and see if he could float for a while and rest his exhausted body, half expecting to start sinking. He surrendered to stillness and quickly realised he wasn’t sinking at all. He found himself laying on a comfortable, smooth surface - he had gone around and around for so long he had turned the bucket of milk into butter! Tired, but incredibly happy to be alive, he jumped off the butter and hopped back to his pond.

I often think of this little frog when I feel like giving up and although it makes me giggle, it also is a great reminder to remain focused on what I can do and what is good in the moment, staying positive and never giving up.

I think we all need to embrace the frog wisdom at this time. Things will turn around and get better and we will be free to get on with our lives with a new appreciation for the simple things.

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