Mindfulness for Health

8 Week Course Mindfulness for Health

There are many applications of Mindfulness and none more valuable and life changing than when practiced by people suffering with pain and ill health.

Mindfulness can dramatically change the experience of pain and discomfort, and the impact it has on the life of the sufferer. This is not only true for acute problems, but has been scientifically proven to powerfully transform the lives of people struggling with
chronic long term pain, and health issues.

For many in this situation, the seemingly never ending battle and frustrations of trying too hard to defeat, overcome or at worst ignore their suffering, only makes things worse, not only physically but emotionally as well, this becomes  exhausting on all levels. Pain is a warning system that  something isn’t right, and needs our attention, and it is a superbly efficient system.  Mindfulness practice enables us to look at the nature of our pain, and find a new relationship with it. By  adopting a more creative  attitude to our mental and emotional states we can learn to respond in a supportive, helpful and compassionate way, rather than simply being reactive and distressed.

Mindfulness for Health leads us gently away from the fight with our own pain and illness. It guides us back, towards a life worth living every moment, from a quietly accepting, peaceful experience and a happier new perspective.

“There is pain, but I am not my pain!”