Mindfulness for Life

Mindfulness for Life

About the course

This is a four week course that offers a great start to introducing life-changing
mindfulness practice into your daily life.

By learning to be more present in our experience – day by day, moment by moment we really can get the most out of life. Mindfulness is for everyone and you don’t have to be stressed or suffering poor health to start practicing.

This course teaches you how to develop greater awareness, this gives you a fresh perspective on life and enables you to experience balance in your mind, as well as your body. Turning up the volume on the good things and lessening
the impact of the difficult.
Over the 4 weeks, you start to realise that it is ok to take a pause, and recognise that we have a choice to respond with full awareness to life, rather than the automatic reactions that often rule our experience.

Simple things become more enjoyable and the bigger issues cause less anxiety
and exhaustion.

This calmer approach to life can only bring, greater health and happiness.

Week one: The Breathing Body. Body Scan

Mindfulness means purposely attending to and becoming more aware of what is really happening, at any moment. By becoming more aware of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations we develop a greater clarity. This gives us choice and enables us to respond rather than react and remain calm and steady through life’s ups and downs. In this first week we are introduced to ourselves from inside to outside through the experience of the body scan.

Week two: Dwelling the Body. Breathing Anchor

We explore the experience of “being “ rather than “doing” by engaging with our breath in full awareness .We use this constant exchange to help us return to calm clarity, over and over again. This enables us to observe our thoughts, acknowledge them and choose to let them go rather than become overwhelmed by them. This response becomes a powerful tool and health giving habit.

Week three: Mindfulness Movement

As our awareness develops and we realise our bodies are constantly moving on the inside, as well as externally. Our lungs breathe , our hearts beat and our circulation flows, in a constant dance of life. We extend this internal flow of movement and start to express a deeper awareness of how we move on the outside.

Week four: The Journey Continues

We look at how we can continue to develop our mindfulness in daily life and form new, supportive habits of “being rather than “doing”.

We explore ways of bringing the simple calm experience of living mindfully into everyday tasks and realise the opportunities are endless.

And for those who dare, we also engage in the lost art of playing -play ball, blowing bubbles, colouring-in, listening to music and just sitting, swinging our legs…without guilt or judgement!