Mindfulness practice shows a way beyond the daily mental clutter to the powerful liberation of a quiet mind. It enables you to focus your attention with clarity and openness on your internal and external experience of life, moment by moment, and offers you a way to actively participate in your own health and wellbeing. A simple choice to be calmly present and fully aware in an accepting and non –judgmental way. 

A breath away from quietly brilliant

Mindfulness can be explored as a positive practice that brings a greater quality of peace to each day or as a powerful tool for dealing with life’s challenges.

The ancient practice of the development of awareness as a way to achieve health and happiness has been around for a long time, but it is only in recent years that we have had proof of its powerful value.

The advancements in the fields of neuroscience and modern scanning techniques have given us clear evidence that our thoughts and experiences change the architecture of our brains – plasticity.

NICE ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommend mindfulness to be included in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, M.S,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Heart conditions.

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on physical, emotional and work related stress, as well as pain, anxiety and depression. It also boosts our immune system, thereby promoting a healthier body and happier mind. With this reality, we can choose to have a positive influence and effect on our experience of life on many levels.

It is possible to train our minds out of the repetitive cycles that drain and trap us into negative life patterns. We can make a choice to put in place a clarity and peace that can be available in the midst of the speedy chaos of a modern world, in all places, at all times. A simple choice to be present in the moment in a quietly accepting and non- judgmental way -- ancient wisdom applied to a modern world and it is as simple as breathing in and out.

“My mindfulness experience was a very positive one. It was a lovely warm group to spend time with both mentally and physically, with a really safe and relaxed ambience. I have found the meditation practice very helpful and was amazed at how quickly the time passed, All in all, a very positive experience.”
G .Bodenham .East Sussex

Feeling Stressed?

With the right guidance and practice we can develop a stress survival kit that is more appropriate for the challenges we have to deal with today.