Mindfulness for Stress

8 Week Course Mindfulness for Stress programme

Stress is an unavoidable reality in the modern world, and can easily lead to feelings
of being overwhelmed and poor health, both mentally and physically. It can put a
grey cloud over everything we do and exhaust our zest for life.

Stress doesn’t always have to be negative and destructive but there is a very good
reason why so many of us fall victim to its clutches. The reason we struggle, is that
our natural response to stress is out dated and has not evolved at the same speed
as our life style, it really doesn’t serve us well in our lives today.

Scientists now have amazing proof of how Mindfulness techniques can update our
stress response. With the right guidance and practice we can develop a stress survival kit that is more appropriate for the challenges we have to deal with today.

Advancements in neuroscience have given us valuable understanding of how our
brains and minds work and more importantly the power we have to make changes.
Having an element of awareness, brings some choice in how we respond to life, and
takes away destructive feelings of being victims to our stress, handing us back some
power over our quality of life.

The brains we are still born with evolved to be reactive to the constant daily threats
from predators and hunter gathers that put our survival, as a species, at great risk.
This system worked beautifully millions of years ago when being fired up and ready
to run away or fight for your life was a very physical reality. The brain evolved in the
way it did to make sure the human race survived, but it didn’t evolve in this way to
make us happy in a modern world!

Mindfulness helps develop clarity in our awareness; this in turn, transforms your
perspective on both the difficult and pleasant experiences of life. Awareness is a complimentary intelligence and gives us choice and influence over our sense of wellbeing and balance. Developing this wonderful life tool can only bring a deeper experience of the good things in life, an ability recover our equilibrium during challenging times bringing a greater joy, stronger immune system and ability to enter into whatever you chose to do, with a whole hearted experience and

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“My mindfulness experience was a very positive one. It was a lovely warm group to spend time with both mentally and physically, with a really safe and relaxed ambience."
G .Bodenham
East Sussex

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