Mindfulness for Stress

8 Week Course Mindfulness for Stress programme

Stress is an unavoidable reality in the modern world, but it doesn’t always have to be negative and destructive. We can develop new skills that give us a choice to respond with awareness, rather than react out of habit. Mindfulness practice helps establish this choice to work positively with inevitable stress and stop the destructive effects of mental and physical overload.

During our Mindfulness for Stress Course, we explore the experience of being more productively present in life through formal and informal mindfulness practice. We learn to recognise when we are functioning purely on automatic pilot and reacting out of habit; habits that have been formed by past moments and situations. Instead, by noticing what is real and present in the moment, we are better able to make positive and wise choices.

This choice to respond, rather than react, enables us to be more clearly aware of what is really going on in our lives moment by moment and develops the important awareness of the powerful links between our mind and body.

This aware response to situations greatly reduces the destructive physical, as well as mental, effects of becoming overwhelmed.

Mindfulness helps achieve a healthy, calm balance that brings a fuller more satisfying experience to life and brings you just a breath away from quietly brilliant at all times.