Mindfulness for Pain Management

8 Week Course Mindfulness for Pain Management

What is pain?

There are a million and one answers to this question but one thing is certain, pain is not something we choose to experience. It manifests itself in many ways, and many levels of intensity and can at times overwhelm us, emotionally as well as physically. For some people pain is temporary as a result of injury or illness and passes with time and healing, for others, pain is a daily reality that exhausts and destroys their quality of life.

If pain is a regular visitor in your life it never comes alone, it brings a cluster of secondary unpleasant experiences including fear, anxiety and depression. These additional emotional pains multiply the unpleasant experience of our physical suffering and often overwhelm us. Many people know the screaming, desperate questions.

When will this stop?

Why is this happening to me?

I can’t stand it any longer?

Why can’t somebody do something to help?

It is a frightening feeling to be so out of control.

Mindfulness can help you to work with your pain in a positive way and help deal with the fear and anxiety. It teaches calm, clear awareness of what is happening in your body, moment by moment and helps dissolve your distress, frustration and fear. This return to balance enables you to live your life to the best of your ability, in spite of your pain and difficulties.

I have applied these techniques over the years with many types of pain with comforting results. Originally, with my own back pain and then with others suffering from spinal, limb and joint pain, to people coping with cancer, in its many forms. I have worked with people suffering the pain and frustration of recovering from strokes, as well as headaches and migraine. Mindfulness can change your experience of pain and suffering whatever the cause. It encourages a return to balance that hands some control back to you that enables you to live life to the best of your ability, whatever that may be, in spite of your pain and difficulties.