Kind words from Lynn

I was far too busy and finding life very frustrating, chasing from one problem to another, thoughts running through my mind all the time without a break, feeling
irritable, exhausted and overwhelmed, yes, I was far too busy as the days grew into weeks and then into months, to stop and meditate and be mindful. 2 hours
a week for eight weeks, to learn how to ‘sit and do nothing’?? I didn’t see what I was going to gain by it, and could only see the amount of time I was going to

Anyway I decided to try it, thinking that I could always make a lot of excuses for not turning up.

The venue – the ‘woodshed’ set in a beautiful garden, provided a quiet, charming and calming environment.
The course, as I came to realise and appreciate, provided me with the tools to give me back control.

Vanessa was calming, patient, and inspiring.

The course was not just informative, it was fun, and challenging, made me think about the way things were and the way things could be.

I did the full eight week course, the more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn. I had to work hard, and put in a lot of practise. it didn’t come naturally at first, but I
really enjoyed it.

But what gave me the greatest buzz of all was the realisation, that having spent years being controlled by my thoughts and feelings, which effected every aspect
of my life, I now had the tools and ability to control my thoughts and feelings. I was no longer a victim, no longer ruled by my emotions.

My life is very different now. I feel calm, and confident. I am able to control my thoughts and feelings before I get overwhelmed by them. I rarely feel anxious, and
because I am more focused, and in the moment, I seem to have a lot more time, and life is much nicer.

So, 2 hours a week for eight weeks, learning to ‘sit and do nothing’ was the best time I have ever spent on myself.

My love and thanks to Vanessa, for teaching me to love life.


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