Mindfulness Movement

Mindfulness Movement

Mindfulness movement helps us find a healthier way to move through life. We waste a huge amount of energy by rushing through our days with our shoulders heaved up around our ears, hands gripped tight, treading heavily with our feet and legs into the ground as we rush from activity to activity and place to place, sometimes feeling that if we don’t hold on tight we might just fall apart!

Our bodies are constantly moving on the inside as well as the obvious movements of our limbs. Our hearts beat, lungs breathe and circulation flows.

When this movement extends from inside ,to visible movement of the limbs it could be thought of as breath in action, a natural development of life moving through us.

Mindful movement exercises help us explore a way to be more aware and less wasteful with our energy as we move about in our lives. We don’t approach these exercises in the same way as a fitness class ,although the benefits can be comparable. Recent studies show that simply thinking about an exercise gives a response in our nerves and muscles and by bringing more consciousness to our movements, increases the benefits and effectiveness many times over.

These gentle movements help us develop our awareness whilst improving our strength and flexibility. Mindful movement can be particularly helpful in the management of pain and mobility problems due to chronic long term issues or in recovery from injury.