Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website. I have chosen to launch it to coincide with the beginning of British Summertime which means the long dark days of Winter are finally over and we can look forward to lighter days, bluer skies and warmer spirits. In my experience these are exactly the qualities that Mindfulness practice brings to your life.

I am excited to have a place where I can share my work and some of the moments of my own quest to live with active awareness. I have been practising for over 40 years and meditation is deeply woven into my life, but, each day brings new challenges and some days I’m more successful than others in my search for a happy balanced life. I promise to share the truth, the stresses and efforts, the calmness and peace and above all the humour and joy that looking through mindful eyes brings to my life.

Mindfulness help us develop a calm accepting awareness of everything that makes us human beings, living in the world as we know it. The good, the difficult, the ugly and the beautiful. Daily life presents us with a great mixture of all of these elements and it really is how we respond or react that dictates our quality of life experience.

The pressures of the modern world make it easy to miss the moments that return us to balance. My intention with this website is to provide the opportunities for you to explore this return to balance, in your own unique way and in a way that is most relevant to you, at this moment in time.

I invite you to wander through these pages and find the doorways of change that will enrich and support you in a peaceful and happy experience of life.

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